Front-end assets are compiled from the staticapp directory of django-chartwerk. This uses gulp, browserify and node-sass to compile/transpile assets to Django’s standard static directory.

To begin developing assets, move into the staticapp directory and be sure to install dependencies using npm or yarn:

$ npm install
$ yarn

Then run the build process using gulp:

$ gulp

Updating chartwerk-editor

Chartwerk-editor includes a script to move compiled assets from the app into the static directory of django-chartwerk. First, upgrade chartwerk-editor from the staticapp directory.

$ npm update chartwerk-editor

Then run the script from chartwerk-editor’s bin directory.

$ node node_modules/chartwerk-editor/bin/unbundle_django.js


This will overwrite chartwerk-editor templates and static files in django-chartwerk, replacing any customizations you may have made with the latest from chartwerk-editor.

Planned features

Django-chartwerk includes some models which anticipate future features.

The TemplateProperty and FinderQuestion models will be used in a future release to create an interactive wizard for picking a chart type in django-chartwerk.