Take a look around. Django-chartwerk consists of just a few simple views.


This page lists your templates by their popularity.


You can add thumbnails to your templates and add useful descriptions for when to use them in the Django admin section of your project.


This page lets you see charts created by other users in Chartwerk.


This page lists charts you’ve made, chronologically.

The Editor

The best way to learn how the editor works is to play with it. Template developers should especially check out the Code tab and the full-screen editor, which includes a tree chart of Chartwerk’s internal API.


This section of the docs are purposely superficial. Again, you should rely on the documentation for chartwerk-editor here.

Creating templates

You should create new templates from the ones you get for free in Chartwerk. Customize the JavaScript, CSS, HTML and dependencies to create new chart types or make existing ones adhere to your style. See chartwerk-editor’s detailed template guide for complete docs.


You can browse django-chartwerk’s API at /api/.